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What Mix To Use?

Altaview Concrete specializes in producing mixes designed to fit your individually project needs.     
A few or our “special” admix mixes are used for:

Acceleration of the concrete Retarding the concrete Increased Strength
High Early Stregths Freeze/Thaw durability Reduced shrinkage
Flowability Lightweight applications

Steel Corrosion

Colored Concrete Waterproofing Finishability


Altaview Concrete has specific mixes designed that cover the simplest pour to the most complex technical projects.  Here are a few ideas of where to use concrete:

Footings Foundations Basement Floors Driveways
Sidewalks Patios Architectural Walls Underwater Wells
Low Slump Paving SCC concrete (Self Compacting Concrete) Shotcrete
Grout for Block Fill Flowable Fill Material The list goes on and on with concrete
HOT/COLD WEATHER CONCRETE: Can I pour my driveway in the heat of summer?

Proper care of your concrete during hot and cold weather is critical to the life of your pour.  Altaview Concrete offers a variety of admixes to help offset Mother Nature.  Accelerators and set time retarders (control set) can help with the placement of concrete in extreme temperatures but preparation before and after is a must.  Please call to speak with one of our professional sales staff members to ensure that you are taking all the steps necessary for a beautiful, long lasting concrete pad.