Fiber-reinforced concrete is concrete that contains millions of individual fiber strands used to reinforce and protect concrete. Why is it beneficial to add fiber to concrete?

  • Fiber mesh helps to reinforce and reduce shrinkage cracking in concrete during the first critical 24 hour period.
  • Improves impact and abrasion resistance to the surface.
  • Prevents cracks that do occur from increasing over time.
  • Economical way to improve your new driveway or patio as a secondary reinforcement.
  • Works with any mix design, including colored concrete.
  • Improves freeze/thaw resistance for our harsh climate.
  • Applications for fiber: driveways, overlays, sloped walls, pools, colored concrete, patios, shotcrete, and many more. Fiber makes any load of concrete better!
Protect your home investment by adding fiber to your concrete delivery. Feel free to call one of our professional sales staff to learn more and to get pricing for your next project.